When you’ve spent time and effort creating your marketing material you want the finished product to be spot on. Following recognised international colour standards, such as ISO 12647-2, Fogra and 29L, we ensure that all your materials are produced with colour accuracy and consistency.

We can provide you with standardised LAB colour target sheets for each type of paper that you typically use. Once you have approved them for brand accuracy you can supply these sheets to printers across your supply chain. We have found that this approach ensures that the colour pallet that you use across your brand is reproduced in a more standard fashion and that printed items of a similar nature look much closer in colour.

In addition we like to work with our customers to standardise the substrates used to ensure that they are not only environmentally sound but that the substrate is appropriate for the production techniques that are used. For instance its important when considering the paper type for printing a range of brochures that a sheet which is suitable for litho printing is also available for use if printing digitally.

In short - We take your brand seriously and like to invest as much time as is appropriate to ensure that it is represented accurately.